Friday, December 5, 2008

Hummers and Chickens, Dec 5, 2008

My Amaryllis bulb is growing, looks like a bloom head is coming up. It has only been planted 11 days, hopefully it will still be blooming for Christmas. This is the first time we have tried an amaryllis in the RV, looks very promising.
When we arrived in Q, I put out an old hummingbird feeder-had to use tape to make sure the bottom doesn't fall off (hint hint). It has taken the hummingbirds several days to find it. I happened to be outside this afternoon when one perched and drank. They are so amazing!
We went shopping today over at the flea market and low and behold I found chickens!!! I know, there is NO ROOM for them at my INN, but... The only item we did buy was a multi purpose lighter, our coach stove does not light by using the stove lighter, so we use one of the long neck varieties and the one we have is just about out.One never grows tired of enjoying and marveling at our amazing sunsets.

Also with conserving our power while boondocking, we are finding out about candle power. Three candles provide quite a bit of light to eat by.

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