Sunday, December 21, 2008

Linksys, Tucson and Zounds, Dec 15-18, 2008

Well, the time had come to do a wireless adapter transplant to my computer. That means that everything has to come out of the area where my CPU, printer and scanner are. I have now gone through 2 other wireless adapters-one I accidentally kicked while uncrossing my legs as it was in the front of the computer in a USB port. The other one, Belkin, just stopped working most of the time. So this time we wanted to make the wireless environment uniform, so we bought an internal Linksys Wireless G PCI Adapter with SpeedBooster, as the router was a Linksys. I can't kick that one!!!
Well you know what they say about best laid wasn't as easy as 1-2-3. You were to install the software first, then part way through install the adapter, then the CPU was to be restarted and the install would be finished. Well the CPU turned on OK, but then would not completely boot up, something was wrong big time. Bob got on his laptop and did some trouble shooting on the web and found that we were not alone, one suggestion was to remove and re seat all the connections within the CPU. He did that and IT WORKS, who knew! It did automatically connect to the router and all seemed OK. Well...there is more to the story.
Within a day or so, the original Linksys router decided to die. A few months ago, we thought it was dying then, so we bought a back up. It is now time to install the new one, the install went pretty smoothly. The instructions were very plain and we followed them to the letter, it even automatically transferred all the internal settings {the beginning of our problems}.
Over the next few days we tried several possible solutions to get my CPU connected, after all it was Linksys talking to Linksys, should be easy! Bob was able to get on OK and I could connect as long as I had a LAN wire connected-hardwired. We tried everything we could think of and finally Bob had read read online that doing a manual setup, redoing all the numbers, codes and sometimes that works, IT DID!!

Meet Mr. Harris Hawk, he was being held by a docent at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. We had a great morning there seeing the sights with Bob's 1st cousin, Steve and his wife Anna. They winter in Tucson as Minnesota is not the place to be in the winter months.

I just love this photo of Bob with all the lights, shadows, and colors. He is my zebra!
Loved the hummers in the hummingbird compound.

After leaving the museum, we drove a short distance to Saguaro National Park. I just love those stately giants. Bob and Steve are dwarfed by these stately soldiers. Did you know that the spines actually provide shade for the cactus?

Lunch was in order, so Mexican it is. Delicious. We had a great visit with Steve and Anna getting caught up on several lost years.
Well, finally after 40 years Bob did finally listen to me...he is now wearing hearing aids from a company called Zounds. He is wearing them in the above photo, you can barely see the clear plastic line going from the rechargeable battery behind the ear to the 'in the canal' microphone.
He loves them, he keeps asking me if I heard the Explorer clutch squeak, his footsteps inside the coach, the bass in a song, etc. He also has a remote control so he can adjust the volume, or change the aids for different modes--dining, music, party and quiet. He is very HAPPY and so am I. We are staying in the Phoenix area until after Christmas as he has a followup appointment next week just to make sure all is well.
In this special moment in life...Make new friends

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