Sunday, December 7, 2008

Craft Show, Pecans, and Peanut Butter, Dec 6-7, 2008

Saturday brought on the sunshine again, a good day to walk over to the monthly craft show at the QIA (Quartzsite Improvement Assn). There were lots of vendors, both inside and out. Quite a lot of items for sale, but with living in an RV, we do have screening questions, Do I want it? Do I need it? Where is it going to go? and sometimes What am I going to get rid of so I have a place of this new item? can see not many new purchases get made. We did purchase one item for a gift for Bob's coworker we are going to see this next week, a plaque that says "I cook with wine; sometimes I even add it to the recipe." In the above photo the cactus made from barbed wire caught my eye. For those in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio---We even have snowmen here in Q.
Remember when we were in Fredericksburg, Tx last winter, we picked up lots and lots of pecans, well I am still picking them out. Sat. afternoon was a perfect day to sit outside and do this mindless task, but at $7.00/12 oz of shelled pecans, it is priceless.

Sunday brought phone calls from Rich and to my sister, Bob snapped this photo while I was talking to the latter, see my new couch cuddle up blanket. While we were in Sacramento, found this fleece fabric, and yes, I did donate the other blanket-which was blue wrong color- to charity.
Today, I fixed a pot of chili as it was cloudy and overcast most of the day, so to go along with the chili, peanut butter and jelly crackers. We got out a new jar of peanut butter that John and Judy had brought for us, it is made in Grand Rapids, MI, it tastes just like the kind you grind yourself at the store, delicious! It is made by Koeze Company, Cream Nut Natural Peanut Butter. Thanks again.

It was almost dark tonight when we walked the mile to take the garbage to the dumpster. You can see the sun peeking out from the cloud cover over the mountains.

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