Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Pecans and Baking, Dec 9, 2008

Any time any place, you can always pick out pecans, I have now over a pound picked out. I am going to be making some persimmon cookies soon, and I want to put these pecans in them.
The generator automatically started on this morning at 8:30, (we have it set to come on when the batteries reach a certain level and run for two hours.) Usually when it comes on, we try to put a load on the generator-make it work as suggested by using something in the coach that takes electrical power, like the hot water heater or convection/microwave or heat pump. This is when I usually bake something if I am planning on doing so. Well when the generator came on I had no idea I was going to be baking this loaf of zucchini bread, that thought occurred later in the day, so when I started to get out the ingredients to bake, Bob wondered why as the generator had already ran. Well, I just said I can start it again and you can see it is baked. It is for a gift when we head over to the Phoenix and Tucson areas.
We are leaving tomorrow (Thurs) and will be visiting friends and family. When we leave Tucson, we are heading to another LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area-BLM lands) near Yuma called Imperial Dam. The same camping sticker works there as well as here in Quartzsite.

Sometimes this Master Mind game gets the best of me, well almost. Bob was a little slow at first figuring it out, now the tide has turned. Bummer...but I still like to play it, hopefully some my dormant brain cells will rejuvenate!

This is a shot of the sunset reflected glow last night, beautiful pinks along with the blues--see the moon.
In this special moment in life...Think freely, Practice Patience.

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