Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Busy Day, Dec 2, 2008

This morning I was up EARLY as I had an 8:30 haircut appointment with the Best Little Hairhouse in Quartzsite. I usually don't even get up till 9 am. Anyway the cut looks good, think I will make another appointment to have it cut again the end of January before we head off to Mexico.
After my haircut, it was time to go to the laundermat, first time since last Feb. while we were in Fredericksburg TX. Now I have done laundry since Feb, but I do it in the coach. These washers were $1.75 each and the dryer took .75 to get things dry.

Another errand today was to locate a thrift store in Q to donate a bag of items we had purged from the coach. Actually we bought some new glasses, both wine and water, while we were having the Coach's oil changed at a Camping World in Fairfield CA. In the classified ads of a freeby newspaper, I found where you could donate items to a local Salvation Army store, so we were off the find it and we did, not easy though. But, you can't go to a thrift store without looking around and we found fifty cents worth of goodies to buy. A used Master Mind game and a small Christmas tree skirt for our small tree. We have been enjoying playing Master Mind, but were a little short of some of the markers, but now with this new to us set, we have plenty. I have combined the sets, our old box, the new game board as it has a place for the markers to be stored, old colored markers, old and new black and white pegs. We are hoping this game will sharpen our aging minds--sure hope so!!!
Today we went grocery shopping and also stopped at the produce market. Our opinion is the only place to buy produce is at the produce stand, what they sell at the grocery store should already be in the compost pile.

Now my secret is out and only my hair colorist know for sure...yes, Bob just finished putting the color on my hair. I use a light blond color to cover up the gray. The only problem with doing this as it does take quite a bit of water to rinse the color out, so we heated the water heater using the propane option v the electric and I just leaned into the shower to rinse, worked well, and don't think this method used too much water as that is a concern while we are boondocking here at Quartzsite.

What a colorful ending to our day...this beautiful view of the sunset glow over the coach.

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