Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last day at Fort Pickens, FL CG, Nov 20, 2011

With it raining most of day yesterday, it was a do nothing day. I ventured out once to take the trash to the dumpster. 


This morning though,  it was bright, but cloudy with a little more wave action.  When we leave tomorrow I will miss our morning beach walk.

On our beach walk this morning, we noticed these holes, pretty good size.


We finally noticed some movement in the distance and caught this crab out of his hole.  He or she was about the size of a silver dollar and the same color as the sand.


After our walk this morning, we had a chance to meet some blog readers, John and Ellen.   Our visit was short, but it sure was nice to  put a face to a name.

This afternoon, I got a head start on wrapping up Christmas gifts for the kids and grandkids, then…I ran out of scotch tape.


One last photo of the beach.


In this special moment in time…make new friends.


John and Ellen said...

Hi Linda. So good to meet up with you and Bob yesterday! Ellie and I spent a fair amount of time ourselves yesterday morning chasing those little Ghost Crabs. They are elusive and very camera shy. Safe travels today and we hope to meet you two again “down the road”.


Elaine said...

very interesting on the crab travels

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Wish we were down there with you, not only to enjoy the beach and your friendship, but since we've moved out of our stix n brix, we have no less that a dozen and a half rolls of Scotch tape!

We'd buy some and forget where we stashed it and buy some more and more and more...

Oldtimers kicking in! ;c)

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