Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our day at the beach, Fort Pickens CG, FL, Nov 17, 2011


Just walk through the campground, across the road, and down a short boardwalk and you are at the beach.  Nice white sand, the water was actually pretty warm and had to taste it, of course, it was salty, more so than I expected.


We spent most of the day sunning ourselves and reading.


Then an afternoon walk to correspond with sunset, which here was 4:50 pm. (Central time Zone)


Our long long leg shadows very close to sunset.











We also found these things, looked like bubbles. This one has a shell attached to it.







Then I was walking on the edge of a very small raised edge, and I fell.  When Bob tried to help me up, I got tickled and all giggly.  Finally Bob was able to help me up.  I fell while holding my camera, I did great, NO sand on my camera!!   I did tweak my left knee some, so have been putting ice on it, only hurts when I bend it tight or squat down.


Here is a photo of our site and the white pickup we had to avoid yesterday while backing in. Yesterday his truck was much closer to the main road.  Like I said, Bob did a great job of backing our coach into the site.


Our sunset tonight. 


In this special moment in life…trust others

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Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Wish I were there!

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