Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Long driving day for us, Fort Pickens, FL, Nov 16, 2011

Today we chose to drive 350 miles in rain. Two things we don’t usually do, drive that far in one day plus driving in the rain. Even after refueling, we were on the road by 8 am. We drove from Fort Payne, AL to Gulf Islands National Seashore, Fort Pickens Campground.

The drive encompassed very thumpy concrete roads, detours, and of course rain, from sprinkles to heavy down pours.


Then at times the sun was out ahead of us, but our wipers still needed to be used.



Soon, we crossed the state border into Florida.

Soon the Pensacola Bay Bridge came into view.


This was the first of two bridges we had to cross.


The second bridge was a toll, $1 per vehicle, it surprised me that we counted as a single vehicle even though we were towing our car. Plus was surprised to see all the high rises, must be lots of condos.


Soon, we were heading west towards Fort Pickens Campground.


We had made reservations a few days ago and were glad we did, as almost all the other non reserveable sites were filled. Even though we had a site, getting into it would be tricky. Right across from us was another site with a large pickup truck parked in it and he was parked just off the road. First try, Bob was too close, as our front end swing was headed directly at his truck, then Bob pulled forward, repositioned the coach, and backed it right in.

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Peggy n David said...

Wow Linda - we're heading to Tampa - just now in Mt Airy NC...isn't it funny we're sort of following each other! I told David the best thing for me to heal from Dad's death was to hit the road - and we have! Yippee! The place you are looks gorgeous!

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