Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Washington DC, Day 14, Nov 2, 2011

This would be our last day being a tourist in DC. I would estimate we walked at least five miles each day and stood for way too many hours, but we have had a great time.

The National Museum of the American Indian was our first stop.



The dress and boots date back to the early 1900’s, beautiful bead work.



This cradle with charms for warding off smallpox, ca. 1890.



We had read that this museum has a wonderful cafĂ©, foods from all areas where our native Americans lived, so…here is lunch.

I had a roasted turnip, wild onion with blueberries salad, cup of delicious pumpkin soup. Bob had roasted Hubbard squash with onions, snapping turtle soup and celery root salad, plus we both shared a pinenut tart. Wonderful food!!



While in the museum’s theater a lady asked me to take her photo. I did, then in a few minutes she handed me this peace crane as a ‘thank you’ for taking her photo. I saw her get into her bag and take a piece of paper out, now I know what she did with it. I felt honored.

Next we wanted to walk around inside the Library of Congress, we had heard it was beautiful, but we passed the Botanical Gardens, so decided to walk through the gardens first.




These are bananas growing atop a 20’ tree.


Who would have thought Mother Nature would have used these two colors together.

Now here is ‘Bob of the Jungle’.


Me doing what I like to do best!


The interior of the Library of Congress is very ornate, looks like something we would see in Europe, complete with mosaics.


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