Thursday, November 3, 2011

Leaving DC, Nov 3, 2011

I had been dreading leaving DC with all the traffic, but we had to do it.  I495 across the top went better than we expected, but a few miles before we were to exit into I66 we encountered some road work and some congestion.  Bob did a great job of getting us to Bull Run Regional Park.


With some help of some fellow bloggers, we were able to reserve a great site at the park, even with all the trees you see, we were able to get online with both the Winegard and Motosat.  This is a view from out our windshield.


A little house cleaning once we arrive.


After lunch we headed to the Bull Run Battlefield just a few miles away.  I got my Passport book stamped, then we watched the 45 minute park film.  Then the battlefield was calling our names.  Since two battles was fought here, we walked the battlefield of the 1st battle of Bull Run.  I do believe we checked out each and every one of the artillery pieces.


Ever wonder what you see when you look down the barrel of a cannon…well here it is, this one looks like it had a bird nest.


My, great grandfather, Jeremiah Woodyard, was in the 73rd Ohio Voluntary Infantry and participated in the Second Battle of Bull Run, late August 1862.  We asked at the visitor center if they knew where they fought and were told to check out the Chinn Ridge area.


The above photo is one of their positions.  During the three day battle, the 73rd lost close to half of their men.


Here I am trying to see through the years and see his unit retreating to this point.


Tonight was the night, we bottled up part of our cherry liquor.  We even sampled a few cherries and some spillage.



E Squared and Mui said...

Hope you're enjoying Bull Run ... it's a quiet park. If it weren't for post-trip chores, we'd probably be out there next weekend to recuperate from our two-week trip to Turkey. Oh well; maybe the week after.

Jim and Sandie said...

Love Bull Run. Glad you made it through all the traffic safely. It can be a mess through there.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

How did you like that statue of Stonewall Jackson on his horse?

With all those rippling muscles, you'd think the sculptor was a former artist for DC Comics.

Superman would be jealous of those pecs. ;c)

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