Saturday, November 12, 2011

Some shopping and some repairs, Fort Payne, AL, Nov 12, 2011

We drove around town some today, then stopped at a Hammer’s to do some shopping. Found some nice bargains for Christmas presents, marked down Land’s End tops.

Then back to the coach and Bob went to work, he had two jobs on his “TO DO” list. Replace the battery in our outside sensor for our inside clock. Turned out the base unit batteries were the weakest, so now new batteries all around.

Next was to replace a bracket that held one of our coach’s side panels in place. About 6 weeks ago, we ran over a piece of wood, it was soon after that we noticed this panel to be loose.


Here are the broken brackets.


Here Bob is starting to fabricate a new bracket from an aluminum strip.



Bob is using the picnic table to put the proper bends to match the removed broken bracket. Who needs a workbench with a vice.


Then he drilled a hole in each end. Then attached it with screws to the coach frame and panel.

The finished bracket.


My job was then to get some Goo Gone and remove the gorilla tape residue that was originally holding the panel in place.

I also organized the storage compartments over our bed, ended up purging some items we hadn’t used in a long time.


There are just a few leaves left on the trees here.

In this special moment in Life…Discard Worry.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I never realized that nearly every campsite comes with a workbench/press:)

Elaine said...

good job on the repairs where there is a will there is always a way :)...

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Just goes to show that if you weren't handy before you bought an RV you will be after purchasing one.

Do you rent Bob out? ;c)

Kathy said...

Was Bob this handy before you went full time?
We've truly learned the meaning of the phrase: necessity is the mother of invention!
Grant is more handy with the RV than he ever was with either of our 2 houses! LOL
Unique museum on socks!

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