Friday, November 25, 2011

No shopping for us on Black Friday, Nov 25, 2011

That is right, we did not do any shopping today. Instead we basically relaxed. Here Bob is having an eye to eye with Red Rob, he does seem to really love this new home.IMG_3038

I finally bought some scotch tape a couple of days ago and was able to finish wrapping our Christmas presents for our family. I did notice that Walmart had various sizes of shipping boxes, hopefully tomorrow I will find what I am looking for.


Today we roasted a duck, Bob cut off the legs first, so we can have some Cassoulet later. We loved this dish while in France, made it once in June and now we have some duck legs to make it again.


In this special moment in time…take a chance


Peter said...

Bravo for not going shopping today!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

With the way you've been supporting the economy with all that diesel fuel you've been buying, it won't miss you not shopping on Black Friday.

Of course you missed out on getting pepper sprayed... ;c)


Black Friday? For some reasons according to the Bible or sth. else?

Unknown said...

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