Saturday, October 3, 2009

Timpanogos Cave Nat’l Monument, Oct 3, 2009

Yesterday, when we arrived at Utah Lake State Park, we took the last site we could fit into, whew!!   Nice concrete level $20 site with water and electric, but no sewer hookup. 

With the forecast of rain for the next few days, we decided today to visit the Timpanogos Cave not far from here. 


Some fall color was starting to appear.  In about 15 minutes we arrive at the Caves, well not really, they were about 1-1/2 mile hike with 1,000 feet elevation change up the mountain side.   We had a 2:10 pm tour and were to start walking up at 12:40.  We did make it with 20 minutes to spare!

006 008

Loved seeing the fall colors, here are a couple more shots.









On the trail up we came across an information board about a fault line.  Bob is pointing it out.  It has a very fine, almost powder, dust where the sides move slightly grinding the rock.


Every so often on the trail was this red stripe.  We were warned that this area is a rock slide area and just don’t stop and rest here.  See the rocks that had fallen in this area.



See the sea fossils that were in the rocks at the cave entrance, elevation 6,730.  There certainly has been  fault uplifting here!

Our tour guide’s name was Kristy, she was great and ‘Loved’ the caves.


Here she is showing us some calcite, this is what makes the cave formations, we could touch this piece, but NO OTHER within the cave.  We all got our touching urges out, including ME.


030 See the drop dripping (left photo), and love the Helictites on the right, just amazing.



Another drippy shot.  GREAT TOUR!!!036081 Here is Bob on the edge of a 3’ wide path-kneeling down so I can take his photo by holding the camera up and shooting.  This photo just does not show the depth of the canyon, but believe me, it was far down!!  Any no railing!!!



Just could not resist taking and posting this photo at this National Monument bathroom, is this our tax dollar at work?

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