Friday, October 30, 2009

Arches, Moab UT, Post 5, Oct 30, 2009

004We were lazy this morning and did not head out until about 1:30.  Our destination was to find dinosaur tracks.  The road,  Willow Springs Trail, that led to the tracks was not traveled by many for sure.

To access  Willow Springs Road, drive into Arches NP, turn left at the Balanced Rock and drive about 4 miles west.  After driving about 3.25 miles we decided to park the Explorer and walk as we were faced with this.

031 The road actually got worse than this the further we walked.  Soon we were outside the park boundary and then about .4 of a miles further, we found the information sign about the tracks and the dinosaur tracks.

013 043 006

These were Therapod tracks.

On our way back from seeing the tracks I found this broken knife or spear point laying in the center of the road.  We could tell this piece of quartz had been shaped, thinned and worked by native Americans by what we had learned while at the Petrified Forest. 

040 Bob then continued to look around to see if we could find more pieces or flakes and he did (the smaller ones).

017 Even though we wanted to bring these home with us, we put them back near where we found them.


Also saw these small dark bumps in patches on the slickrock.  They looked like warts and could not break them off.

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