Thursday, October 29, 2009

Arches, Moab UT, Part 4, Oct. 29, 2009

This morning it was down right cold outside and inside the coach.  The sun finally came out, but did not get over 42 degrees even in the afternoon.  It is forecast it get warmer, let’s hope.  We had a issue with our steps the day we traveled to here in Moab, they would not extend or retract when the door was opened or closed.


Today Bob decided to check out the step motor and found out that even though it sounded like it was working, the gear slipped on the shaft and did not do its job of extending or retracting the steps. 



Here is the culprit.

We were able to find where to order a new retractable step motor from Lippert, and it should arrive here at the Moab Rim Campark on Wednesday. Today I did extend our stay until next Friday (Nov 6th).


024At dusk, Bob took this photo right out in front of our RV.

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