Friday, October 23, 2009

Ohio Trip, Oct 13-21, 2009

I had an uneventful flight from Salt Lake City, to Denver, and then on into Cincinnati where my sister Katherine picked me up in her Class C RV and off we went to Albany, Ohio, about a 3 hour drive.  Shortly after we arrived at the campground at Lake Snowden, near Albany our brother, Charles, and his wife, Betty Lou, drove in.  They live in Indiana, but stopped for a few days here on their way to see their two sons and their families who live in Georgia.

001 The next day we visited our 101 year old Aunt Ellen.  She is amazing, still lives in her own home, but does have help that comes in to help care for her.

004 Later in the day we were introduced to Courtney, our first cousin, twice removed who is also interested in genealogy.  Her great great grandfather and my grandfather is the same person-gets complicated.  I had to print a relationship chart to figure that out.  We had a great visit and plan to keep in contact with her with family history updates.   We joked it is so nice that someone young is interested in family history, perhaps they will remember what they read.


Later we stopped at more cousins that I had not seen in way too many years. Left to right, my brother Charles, cousin Jack, his wife Kay, cousin Hellen, sister Katherine and me.



Before we left the Athens/Albany area we drove my Mom, Dad, and Betty, my sister’s grave (not in photo).


Back in Carlisle, Ohio we visited my niece Lory (on right) with her daughter Charlotte and grandson, Jaryen-what a cutie pie.  Charlotte had put on his lion Halloween costume so he could get used to wearing it.

038Below is a photo of my other niece, Susan and her son Willie.   Willie even gave us a short concert on the guitar, man is he good!!



Here is Susan and her husband Tim.




We visited the Carillon Dayton  History Park.  I was very impressed with the displays.  This photo was taken in the one room schoolhouse of all the supplies, chalk, slates, McGuffy Readers, ink wells, pens and the school bell.


The old fashioned gas pumps would pump your fuel into the top of the pump to the correct gallons you wanted, then allow the fuel to drain into your car.



  072 This is the actual 1905 Wright Flyer III.  It is on display at the Carillon Dayton History Park.  We had a docent led tour of this building-she was very knowledgeable, so cool.



105At the Culp’s Cafe at the park we had a “phosphate”, raspberry, not sure where the blue came from, but it was good!




Here we are with a beautiful touch of fall in SW Ohio. 084


I will close with a photo of my FALL Poinsettia.

Great trip, safe flight back to the coach in SLC.

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