Friday, October 9, 2009

Last few days activities, Oct 7-9, 2009

Well, guess what, Bob found his missing camera, it was in plain sight but in the shadow of a bag of books.  We have decided to sell it on eBay since he really likes his new camera, it will go up for sale on Sunday.


A few days ago we had some rain, and it literally rained dirt, everything was streaked with muddy water.  So here is Bob cleaning up the Explorer.



Yesterday morning we had frost on the Explorer.  Didn’t last too long before the sun melted it off.


019 I was cleaning the stove top and realized for the first time ever, that the knobs came off…so they got a much needed scrubbing along with the stove front behind the knobs.  Then Bob decided it was time to clean under the stove top, it is all now nice and sparkly.


Yesterday, we also found three geocaches within walking distance of the coach.  Here is one of them.  You usually just sign in with your user name and date.  They are fun to find and it does get us out and walk when we really don’t want to.

048 Today, we visited the Hutchings Museum in Lehi.  Not large, but very nicely done.

038They had a wonderful display of some of the formations from Timpanogos Cave, the cave we visited last Sun.

Also loved their butterfly collection.  The Atlas Moth is in the center, it is huge, see my finger for a size comparison.

062 Bob was happy, he put me in jail.


More info about the Lehi Jails.


Loved this display of an insect repellant hat.


You think I am kidding, see the next photo.

Evidently this insect repellant hat was used during the sugar beet harvest in the area.  To repel the insects simple turn your head from side to side.


Loved these Student Rules…


and punishments…  (Ed and Abby--check out #4)

081 Getting back to the coach, Bob decided he would wash the roof.  See all the tan dirt piled up on the left side of the solar panels and also on the right side of the roof.  The rain we had a few days ago did rain dirt!!  Tomorrow we wash the rest of the coach.


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