Saturday, October 3, 2009

Leaving Montana and snow, Oct 1, 2009

Our drive to Idaho was beautiful, with snow all over the mountains and in places along side of I-90 and then I-15.  Here are some photos of the splendor.

004  018  We stopped at a Rest Area and guess what I did, hopefully my only contact with snow this year.  Yes, I did throw it at Bob and I hit him!  Amazed me too!!


We arrived at Massacre Rocks State Park near American Falls, Idaho mid afternoon, our destination for the night.  Even found a site we could get into.   Then off to investigate, the visitor center was closed, but they had an open area that pretty much explained what happened.

040We followed the signs to Register Rock, here Oregon Trail travelers inscribed their names and dates into this huge boulder.  Pretty cool.  Another touch of the past with the Oregon Trail travelers.

035 We had read there was also Oregon Trail wagon ruts that could be seen, finally found them.


But had to walk, the trail was paved and went under the freeway, but we finally got there.



061 Since it is now 150 years or so since they traveled this path, trees have grown and the soft powdery soil has filled in the original depressions, but just listen, you can hear the sounds of the creaking wagons, the oxen, the conversation of the mothers, the fathers, and, of course, the shouts of the children.










On in Utah Lakes, Provo area tomorrow.

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