Saturday, October 31, 2009

My “Trick” on Halloween, Oct. 31, 2009

Well, at 4 am this morning, while I was up for a quick bathroom run, did I get a “Trick”.  When I walked in the bathroom the rug was soppy wet…where did that come from??   Then I proceeded to ‘go’ to the bathroom and certain parts of my anatomy made contact with water, the toilet was full of ‘water’…where did that come from??  I then turned on the light and confirmed the toilet was, yes, full of water and now…what to do?  There were many thoughts going through my fuzzy 4 am brain, but I eventually slowly stepped on the  base peddle and it drained out. Thank goodness, that was not what I thought would happen.  Then I could see the toilet was slowly filling again, evidently the water valve was stuck in a partially open position.  I felt around and finally found a shut off valve and thought I turned it off.  Then I placed the soaked rugs in the sink and dried up the floor.

Come to find out when Bob got up at 6:30, he was confronted by a ‘full of water’ toilet and he then completely shut off the valve.

Bob knew he needed to see if he could fix the toilet.  He first wanted to remove the valve and see if he could rinse it out and maybe that would fix it.  He tried to take off the valve with the toilet in place…well just not enough room to work, so the toilet came out and ended up in the living room.

070 072 He took the water valve off and did rinse out several sand grains and grit.  We then reassembled the valve and tested it, it did not leak so we put it all back together and so far so good, no leaking water.



Here it is all back together and every nook and cranny has been cleaned, just like new. I know, I know,  TMI.


How were you tricked this Halloween!!??

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