Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wind and Groceries, Feb. 11, 2009

We thought we were going to move to another RV park, the one we tried to walk to the other day via the beach. Well two days ago we drove down and what you see in this photo is blowing sand—everywhere. At this point in time we were in our 3rd day of having 20-25 mph winds. The winds did die down later that evening and the coach seemed so quiet, no toppers flapping, no wind noises, and no coach rocking. Also noticed the next day every surface that was ocean side was coved in salt spray, that includes our windshield and front mirrors. Guess who will have to get out there and clean that salt off. Yours truly.


This is the other RV area called The Reef, we looking back towards where are staying at Playa Bonita. We are located beyond the high rise condos way out there. You can see the rough surf that the winds brought.


The next day Bob and took a walk, it was low tide so the walking was easy. I love how these small sand islands look, wouldn’t you like to have a penny for his thoughts!


On our beach walk I picked up a few shells. When we got back to the coach, I put them on the counter to eventually wash them. I kept hearing a strange sound, a faint ticking sound. I looked up and followed my ears and this is what I saw!

IMG_7933These small snail shells were miniature hermit crabs. They were only about 3/4 of an inch long. Yes, I did then check all the shells and took about 5 of the hermit crab shells back down to the edge of the surf so they could live another day.

IMG_7934 We have been having some wonderful shrimp. This is a shrimp and fresh asparagus omelet Bob fixed-very good!!

How do you like my shell collection? I even found a few hermit crabs in the long pointed shells.


We went grocery shopping today at the Super Ley, they are owned by Safeway and it is a nice store. When we arrived the parking lot was busy and they had parking lot attendants with whistles helping people back out and directing others to a parking spot. We are not sure why the rush, it was around 2:45 to 3:00. All this (see photo below) cost us 121.00 Peso which converts to $8.57.

We did, a few days ago, find an ATM and got out some pesos. Sounds easy, but not for us. It took us two transactions as the first time we pushed the amount that said $100, well that got us 100 pesos, worth about $7 US dollars, that won’t get us very far, so we did another transaction, this time for 1500 a little over $106.00.

The problem is they use the same symbol that we do for the dollar at the ATMs—now we know. Or at least we know what that ATM does. The yellow papaya cost in US $1.65, avocados were $0.40 each, the cantaloupe was $1.44, Molina Vanilla $1.15, green onions .58 and the chilies were .23.

IMG_7937 In this special moment in life…Let someone in

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