Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mexican Dentists, Feb 18-21, 2009

Don’t you think it was time to wash the windshield?  Here it is partially washed-just hate that salt spray.  See the condo in the reflection.


Here I am washing the windshield, I like having the mirror to keep my balance.  Washing the windshield in the middle tests my balancing ability.  So far so good!



Here I am sitting in the office of a Mexican dentist.  The LG Dental Offices.  Today I am getting my teeth cleaned, they charged $60.



Well, these were my two front teeth.  They have crowns on them.  These crowns were put on about 12 years ago and my gum is receding, so you see a dark line above the crown. 

The need for all this dental work happened when I was a kid, I stepped on a mattock  and the handle flew up and hit me in the mouth.  I didn’t know it then, but that incident killed my front four bottom teeth and my top two teeth.  I now have a six teeth bridge on the bottom and the top front two are crowned. All this damage did not show up until after Bob and I were married.  Bob always jokes, he should have looked me over like you do a horse-you always check their teeth before you buy them.  

The dentist said they could replace the crowns with a porcelain over gold crowns and when my gums continue to recede there will be no dark edge as it is gold, a lighter color.  The crowns above are porcelain over a dark metal and it is the dark metal that you see in the above photo.  

So on Thursday (2/19) I went in to have the old crowns removed and molds taken for new ones.  They also made me some temporary front teeth.  Today, Saturday (2/21) I went back and had the new crowns fitted and cemented on.


Here they are, I  am happy!

They charged $375 for each one.  I had one crown done two years ago in Oregon and they charged me $1,000.

After the dentist we stopped at the produce market and Bob is looking for the best avocados, this is also where we get the huge papayas and juicy tomatoes. IMG_7975


Now, this is a bunch of green onions!!

Today we bought 4 big tomatoes, 1 large papaya, 2 tangerines, 3 avocados and this bunch of onions for 50.00 pesos($3.54).

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