Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shacks and a Boat Trip, Jan. 29 & 30, 2009

First thing on Thursday morning the shrimp guy came around the campground selling shrimp. We bought a pound of these for $7--boy are they good.
Then the group headed off to Shacks Fifth Avenue to spend what we could. Here are a couple of kids tiptoeing across these speed bumps, they are high, about 4 inches. The street at Shacks is paved, but all roads leading to and from are sand.
The dogs run free and don't seem to bother anyone.
Of course I found chickens, didn't buy any. My one purchase was some Christmas ornaments for next Christmas for my family and relatives. No photos of those you will just have to wait and see them.
Lunch time was then necessary after all that shopping. Table 1. Sue & Mark, Connie & Manual, Richard & Patsy, Lorraine & Chuck.
Table 2. Marsha, Lynda, Kathy, Mike, Earl, and Jim.

And table 3-this is where I was sitting, notice the huge margaritas. Bob, Linda & Mike, Jeanette and Bill.

And, this was lunch, a shrimp cocktail in this wonderful salsa type sauce and a margarita with chips and salsa on the side.
Bob and I along side of this sea gull decorated statue. We better not stand too still here or we will be decorated.
On Friday, ten of us headed out on this boat to do some fishing, I had opted not to fish, but to just come along for the ride. The seas were ROUGH and although you see me here looking only a little green, things had been worse! I won't go into the details, but you can imagine.

Mark did catch this stringer of fish, pretty impressive. There were several hooks on the line and every one had a fish! Bob's enjoying a break with a margarita, he had made it himself--you can only guess the proportions!
Here is our catch for the day--not much for $500. Some of the group that did not go fishing went into town and bought some fish and shrimp. Bob did a great job of grilling up the protein for the evening potluck meal.
A photo of the RV park we are staying in taken from the fishing boat returning home. By the time we were coming back the seas had calmed-thank goodness!

In this special moment in life...Smile often

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