Monday, February 9, 2009

Enjoying Quiet, Feb 4-8, 2009

This shot is just out in front of the RV park, notice all the condo’s, we thought we would walk all the way down to another RV Park called The Reef which is beyond the distant condos.  Well, the tide was in and that left walking either in the water or in the soft sand.  So every step was an effort. 2-9-08 1 When we  finally stopped walking, (you don’t want to know the dialog) the RV park was still a long distance away, think we will drive down in a few days, as we are considering moving to this park when our second week at Playa Bonita is over.2-9-08 2 After our marathon beach walk, lunch was in order.  We had eaten at this restaurant two years ago and loved their fish tacos with their wonderful cilantro dressing.2-9-08 3 Lunch was delicious, just as we remembered it.2-9-08 4 As you can see, the park still has room.  There are a few groups up at the other end of the park, but down where we are, lots of open spots.

After lunch we went shrimp shopping, bought 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) of jumbo/large mix for $10.2-9-08 5 The two young ladies are getting help setting up their tent.  The poles must have had bent ends and needed the help of four other RVers to fix them.  Maybe the fact those  needing  help were young ladies??2-9-08 6 Another one of our sunsets…2-9-08 7Here is a wonderful shrimp avocado salad that Bob made.  Delicious.   We have been eating shrimp for breakfast with egg and asparagus, shrimp tacos for lunch and this for dinner.2-9-08 9 I sure was surprised to see a hummer at the feeder.2-9-08 10 Off and on for both Saturday and Sunday we had the R… word along with wind.2-9-08 11 But then last night it cleared off and we given this sunset show.

2-9-08 12

In this special moment in life…Slow down

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