Sunday, February 1, 2009

Beach Walk and Birthday Dinner, Jan. 31, 2009

We went for a beach walk this morning, the tide was low so we walked a long ways. Over my head the the RV park. Here is a line of our coaches, ours is the 2nd from the left.

Guess what Chuck and Linda (not me) are taking photos of...see all the cameras lined up.
The group. We are all gathered together before walking down to the restaurant here at the park to celebrate Sue's birthday, the lady in pink.
This is Sue being serinated with Happy Birthday Mexican style.We had a great meal, most of us ordered the buffet, $8.75 and got there just in time for the $2.00 margaritas! Yum.
We were then treated to this sunset over the Sea of Cortez.
In the special moment in life...Discard worry

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