Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time Flies, Feb. 12-17, 2009

Boy, where does the time go.  We have been lazying around, going for daily walks on the beach, now we pick low tide to walk as there is more hard sand to walk on.

IMG_7942 Now you are going to ask, what in the world is this photo of, well it is a Corelle plate that dropped, hit the tile floor and shattered.  Pieces went everywhere, but luckily neither of us were injured, just maybe Bob’s ego a little as he was the unlucky one to drop it.


We have been having some wonderful papayas.  This one had only one seed.  Also found the local produce market so we are getting lots of avocados and papaya for very little money.


One of my favorite Mexican foods is chili rellenos, so we bought these two from a local vendor who comes around selling them in the park, also bought some of the best flour tortillas.  The rellenos were $2.50 each and a dozen tortillas were $2.00.


Here is a photo of a kilo of corn tortillas ($0.46) we bought at the Super Ley store,  Bob checked out the web and he says they are owned by Safeway.  The tortillas were just hot off the press when we bought them.

This was dinner last night (Monday), bay scallops ($6/lb) in the bottom left and tomato cilantro, avocado with blue cheese salad and some maiz precocido (upper left) mixed with some cilantro and onion, it was what we think is hominy—pretty good but we will have to find more recipes for the hominy.IMG_7953

   Here I am this morning looking for just that perfect shell.  IMG_7954

This morning I also extended our space for three more weeks, leaving for Arizona on March 11.  We thought we were going to have to move spots, but the office personnel did some magic and cleared our site of future reservations so we don’t have to move.  Also we did not know until a few days ago that we can both send and receive mail here at Playa Bonita.  The park has a Lukeville AZ address and they allow their guests to use that PO Box as well.  They drive to Lukeville AZ three times a week, pick up the mail and then delivery it to us here at the park-not bad!!  So Zach, Justin, Lindsey and Abby, watch for a post card coming your way.

IMG_7956  In this special moment in life…Reach out

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