Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kites & Party Time, Feb 1-2, 2009

The weather here has just be stellar. Clear blue skies and a light gentle breeze. What goes better together than kites and winds. These kites were enormous and there were three of them.

2-4-09 1

On Super Bowl Sunday a few of us ladies got together and played Mexican Train—what more appropriate game to pay while in Mexico. If you sat in the sun you were warmer than those who did not. Of course some of the guys watched the game.

2-4-09 2 On Monday evening we played this very unique game that Richard had emailed to Linda O. the U-tube link about a month ago. Linda O has purchased the necessary playing pieces. Needless to say-it was hilarious. You placed the toilet plunger between your legs and your partner put a roll of toilet paper in the same position. I’ll let the photos explain further.

2-4-09 3 2-4-09 4 2-4-09 5 The winning team!! Lorraine, Sue, Linda (me) and Jeanette. Oh, to win you had to get three rolls of toilet paper in the bucket.

2-4-09 6

The guys were anxious for their turns.

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