Saturday, December 11, 2010

Visiting friends, Dec 10, 2010

After reading a friend’s blog we had met in Quartzsite a couple of years ago, Connie and Manny’s blog, I realized they were not far from Livingston at an RV Park in Cut and Shoot attending a rally.  Also Mark and Sue and Richard and Patsy were also there.  So I sent an email to Connie and before we knew it we were invited to come Friday afternoon and evening for a gumbo dinner being made by Mark and Sue for the RV club.


Mark, me, and Sue in the kitchen.


Sue with two large pots of “Gumbo”, her mother’s recipe.


Sue and Patsy preparing the okra!



The serving line with Richard, Manny and Sue, slicing the Beer bread she had made.




This photo is for Mark, who loves food photos! The gumbo and beer bread was delicious!!IMG_5810

Nice photo of Richard and Patsy and...


Manny and Connie.


We had a great afternoon and evening, but before we knew it, it was time to head back to Livingston (50 miles).  The RV park in Cut and Shoot was all decorated for Christmas, absolutely magical!


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