Saturday, December 11, 2010

Passed Texas Class B Driving Test in the Coach!! Dec 10, 2010

Yes, when I called the DPS (Department of Public Safety) this morning, the person giving driver’s tests was there so our times were scheduled.

We arrive at the DPS office, parked the coach on the side of the street, facing town, as we were instructed. I chose to go first, just wanted to get it over with. The test giver was a lady, she had me check the lights and the horn (that was fun, the horn part). Then we head off towards downtown, first a right turn with lots of traffic, did well, then a set of RR tracks, slow down and look both ways, continue on to the frontage road of Hwy 59, passed some road construction, then another right turn, across RR tracks again, then another right turn onto Washington St back towards town. Then it happened…on that turn either I hit a curb or my right rear tire slipped into a deep pothole, as the coach lurched side to side and the cabinet door over the sink opened up and all I heard was crash…bang…breaking dishes, yikes what did I do, and now what do I do. Well not seeing any area to easily pull over, I just kept going with the driving test, she (the tester) just kept giving me directions on where to turn continuing the test. Another left on a quiet street, back up about 50’, then another left, another left, then back to the DPS office. At some point I told here I was really sorry for what was happening back there (in our kitchen area), she said she felt bad all of our dishes were breaking, I then said well, we have lots of paper plates. She then suggested that I could get some new dishes for Christmas. After all that I DID PASS!!!

After the test, I stayed in the coach to clean up some, only broke 1 bowl and 1 plate for all that noise. Not bad for all the racket I heard.

The tester then went into the office to finish her paperwork, told Bob I had passed and he might want to come out to the coach and help me. Boy was he surprised. He had just fixed that door latch yesterday, so either the door was not completely shut and/or the Velcro securing strap failed, it might not have been secured.

Then when Bob took his test, the tester warned him about the fateful corner I had messed up on. I say that was not fair! All in all he passed also.

At this point we turned over our California drivers’ license and were given our Temporary Texas Licenses, the originals should arrive in 6-8 weeks. Our new photo does show on the temporary license, they had us remove our glasses for our photo. I have worn glasses since I was in 5th grade, my face felt naked.

Whew, are we glad all of the tests are over and we can now just relax and enjoy Livingston.


Above is the DPS office in Livingston.


John and Judy said...

Congratulations on becoming certified RV licensed Texans!!

Travelwithwhippets said...

Wow, talk about making a good story! I would have freaked out if that had happened when I was taking a driving test!! We use the same type velcro straps you do on our cabinets, and I think I'll double check them from now on! -- Dianne


congrats on passing your driver's tests! too bad about the cupboard though!..what a distraction that must have been!

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