Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Almost a Texas resident, Dec 8, 2010

Since our arrival at Rainbow’s End  Escapees RV Park on Monday we have been busy.  On Tuesday we obtained our Texas address from the Escapees Mail Service, also took a tour of the grounds.  On the tour we were able to meet the founders of the Escapees organization, Joe and Kay Peterson, we all got our heartfelt hugs.  They were a delightful couple.  Part of the tour included walking through the Mail Service facility.  Did you know the Rainbow Drive addresses have their own zip code, 77399, the mail comes directly from Houston and does not go through the Livingston Post Office?

In further preparation of changing our domicile to Texas, Tuesday we visited the Assessors office and asked what forms we needed, then checked out the DPS office where you obtain your drivers license.  Since each vehicle needs to be inspected, we found an inspection station and the Explorer passed with no problem.


Wednesday was a busy day.  First we had to take the coach for its inspection…but a little delay as the Motosat was up and we had some lights blinking and it would not stow.  Finally found out we needed to update the UCB (upper control board), then turn off then on and low and behold it worked. 

Another passed inspection.  Then took the coach back to the RV Park.


Next was to gather the needed documents and off to the Assessor’s Office to get our plates.  Success!


Now, all that was left for today was to take the written portion of the driver’s exam.  We were told all we needed to know was
Chapter 15, of the Texas Driver’s Handbook and they were right. Most of the questions were right from their example questions, but a few were not.  I ended up missing two out of twenty questions, Bob got all of them right!

Tomorrow because our coach weighs over 26,001 pounds, we both need to take a driving road test to obtain a non-commercial Class B driver’s license.  So today, after we both passed the written exam, we were told to call in the morning to schedule our driving test.  Hopefully the road test will happen tomorrow so we can both relax!!IMG_5803a


  • Looks like at least our vehicles are official!

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Kathy said...

Howdy Fellow Texans!
Sorry the driving test got postponed, but that way you can study a little more! tee hee hee

I loved the Escapee Park there in Livingston. I thought Kay and Joe were a kick, meeting them on the tour!

I hope you have good weather for the test. It's cold and soggy back here in CA, can't wait to migrate south to AZ for the winter!

Good luck on the test!

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