Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Monitor, Clothes, and Decorations, Dec 11-13, 2010


Since we had returned the HD monitor to Wal-Mart after I could not get it to work, a new monitor (Viewsonic 2450W/WM) was on my wish list.  We found the one I wanted through Wal-Mart online, they would ship it by UPS to our site here at the Rainbow’s End RV Park in Livingston.  We ordered it and here it is, arrived as planned while we were gone yesterday afternoon visiting friends.


My space now as it looks now with the new monitor tucked inside the cabinet.  So now we can watch TV and I can also be on my computer.  On order is a Vesa wall mount for the back, Bob will have to build in something to support it.



Sunday morning we attended the First Presbyterian Church here in Livingston.  We thought we were attending the contemporary service, but it was very traditional.  Next Sunday we are looking forward to their Christmas Musical Celebration.


Founds Bob some new clothes, jeans and a western shirt to go along with his new Texas drivers license!


Also found an replacement medium plate from Corelle to replace the one that was sacrificed during my driving test.



See my Christmas angels plus one reindeer.



Christmas has come to our coach.  All the angels are hung on this tree with care. 








This was my first homemade angel, she is over 25 years old.

Below I am picking up my mail for the first time from the Escapees mail forwarding service – side window, between 1-4, Mon through Friday.

Received a package (Thanks Betty Lou) and the notification from the US Postal Service about our change of address. 


Since we are going to be here for a few weeks, decided to cover the tires, not an easy job with the air bags down, only about 1” of clearance over the tires.  Bob ended up putting me out of my misery and finished the job.


Even the coach outside looks Christmasy!


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Lory said...

Dear Aunt Linda and Uncle Bob... You seem to have Christmas underway as do we. Our family Christmas will take place on Sunday at my sisters house. Loojking forward to getting together. I wanted to comment on the second Angel in the top row and the one in the left hand corner I believe were handmade by Aunt Ellen, I have several myself.

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