Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spending time in Fredericksburg, TX, Dec 1-5, 2010

Dec 1 – Wednesday

When I wake up on Wednesday morning (1st), my monitor is off, IMG_5764but should be on.  It only just flashes on when I turn it off, then back on again.  Guess it is toast…so we head off to the Wal-Mart to purchase another monitor.  It is either a HP or an Acer, so I chose HP.  Came back to the coach, made sure we could get the monitor to work and it did, Bob even remodeled the space where it goes.  I then go and install their provided monitor driver, BIG mistake.  From then on almost as soon as the CPU was turned on and starting IMG_4715to come up, the monitor would go to sleep!!  After several hours of no improvement, we decided to pack up the new HP and return it to where we got it. 

I am able to use the new TV for my monitor, but when I do there is no TV watching and the new TV is very large so my poor neck gets a crick in  it.



Dec 2 – Thursday 

IMG_5767Today was our day to visit Cranky Franks BBQ. 

We had forgotten how good it was.




 I had BBQ pork and Bob had beef…delicious!!!






Also a first for me today, bought my first pomegranate and was able with an instruction sheet prepare it and get the edible fruit called arils out.



The arils were great in our evening salad.




Dec 3 – Friday


With us changing our domicile to Texas, I thought these boots would be great.


Found this sculpture below on our drive to Kerrville.  It was huge!





Friday evening we went to the Christmas Parade in Fredericksburg.


This longhorn had flashing lights covering its horns-quite a sight.


Dec 4 – Saturday

The rest of the slide topper story.  We found a shop in town that makes mattresses and upholstery, they rest itched our topper for under $15.  With little effort Bob was able to reinstall it back on the RV.  So far we have had two out of three toppers seams fail.  Just waiting for the third one, so far it is good.



My sister sent me a couple of Ultimate Cloths.  They claim to be lint and dust free, cleans streak free with just water…and they are and they do!  Would you believe, they even got me excited about cleaning!!  Our bedroom closet doors are mirrors, they always look dusty and streaked from prior attempts at cleaning, but with one cleaning with this cloth and water, they sparkle.  



This evening we went downtown to look at the Christmas lights and displays.  They were awesome.


                                                                                          Tomorrow we are driving to Livingston Texas where we will be going through the process of changing our domicile from California to Texas.

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Travelwithwhippets said...

That looks like the same longhorn that I had my picture taken on at Luckenbach last year -- his owner rode him like a horse like the guy in your photo. If you haven't done it yet, be sure to look at the Christmas lights in Johnson City, especially the live oaks at the electric company!! They are awesome.

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