Thursday, November 20, 2008

Visiting Home, Nov 9-18, 2008

We visited our sticks and bricks home from Nov 9th to Nov 18. While we were home we watched our yard be transformed into a nicely groomed yard. Our daughter Jenny had contacted a landscaper that our other daughter Megan worked with, met him at our home, did a walk around the yard describing what work needed to be done, sent us the estimate. We immediately agreed to the work. It took two full days of work with three men. We were just glad not to have to do the work ourselves!!
All the greenery they cut was piled out on the street for a Once-A-Year big trash pickup through our county trash pick up, thanks Jenny for coordinating all the timing for the yard work and trash pick up.

We also had an old TV antenna on the roof, and it finally fell over, possibly just a week before we came home. Our son Rich, and grandson Zach helped disassemble it and bring it down off the roof. It was a big deal for Zach to be up on the roof!

Two days of our time home was spent watching three of our grandchildren. Below are some photos of our time at their home.

We also had a annual family group photo shoot. Below are a few of the shots.

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