Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rio Vista, CA Nov 18-20, 2008

We left home and drove to Rio Viento RV Park near Rio Vista CA. We arrived after dark, as we had the oil changed at a Camping World in Fairfield. The RV park was down the very narrow levee road, it was only 2 miles, but seemed like 20!! We planned to stay here a couple of days as we had a task to accomplish. We drove into SF today to the National Archives at San Bruno to do some research on the lighthouse keepers from the Umpqua River Lighthouse in Oregon. We found some info, but nothing earth shattering. The only earth shattering was the 2.5 hours it took to drive in the 66 miles and the 1.5 hours back to Rio Vista.

We took a walk down the levee road and saw some wind surfers doing their thing, the wind seems to always blow here, so these fellows were flying.
Love the sunsets!

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