Saturday, November 22, 2008

Journey to Quartzsite, Nov 21-22, 2008

We left the RV park in Rio Vista with the plans of staying at a Walmart in Hanford CA, then onto Joshua Tree National Monument. Well, you know what they say about best made plans...we actually found the Walmart, but the parking lot was full of Friday night shoppers, no room at the inn for our RV, so we drove on to stay at a Walmart in Barstow. We decided not to drive to Barstow and stopped at a small truck stop, it was our first night at a truck stop. You can actually get used to the din of the trucks!!

About 10 am on Sat. I called the ranger at Joshua Tree National Monument and was told that all the campgrounds were full, so onto Plan B, drive directly to Quartzsite. 410 miles later we did arrive in Q.

This photo is somewhat confusing, as we were heading south about 4:30 pm, so how can the sunset be in the east?? It is actually a reflection in Bob's window from the west. Pretty cool I thought.

Here I am at 5:30, 30 minutes after arriving in Q with a fire. We brought the Explorer full of wood from the house, so we expect to have many many fires!

The temps were in the low 70's when we arrived, and there was NO wind blowing, that is a first!!

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