Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Solar Panels & Solar Screens, Nov 23-24, 2008

While were visiting home and had an address to use for UPS, we ordered some Solar Shades for the coach. They were from www.RVSunShades4Less.com. You install them on the inside and use suction cups to attach them to the windshield. There is a selection of colors and sizes you can order, but we felt black appeared to have the look of tinted windows from the outside.

We had to cut them to fit our specific windows, here is Bob using the tile grout lines for a straight line.

The photo of the caladium and our newly planted Amaryllis is taken looking out of the front window through the Solar Shades.
This front view of the coach shows how they look from the inside. They take about two minutes to take down or put up. I also like the fact they do not require you to use a ladder to install them and they will never be wet from rain as they are inside. So far we are pleased with them.

With all the sun shining brightly here, it was time to wash off and tilt up the solar panels on top of the coach. The key words here are 'on top of the coach', that means that is Bob's department. So out came a bucket and clothesline rope to lift up the needed tools to the roof. The bucket also was lowered after the tools were on top to be filled with some wash water and rags. There was also a repair job to be done before the solar panels got their care. The cover over the bathroom vent had moved slightly, thus blocking the fan-vent cover from lifting. It did not take Bob long to fix that problem, and before you know it, three of the four solar panels were tilted towards the bright sun. The 4th panel was not installed to tilt, but it got a much needed wash job.
Bob and I both carry Emergency Cards in our wallets that says we are traveling in our RV, it lists where we are staying-the RV park name, our RV and car info with license plate numbers. While staying in Quartzsite, we have no camp site number, so this is the first time we have used our GPS coordinates as our site number.

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