Sunday, November 23, 2008

Getting Settled in Quartzsite - 11/23/08

Our first morning in Quartzsite and we needed to to some housekeeping chores, like fill with water and get propane. We first paid for the long term stay at the LTVA, $180.00, we had done the math and know it will pay off as we plan to here for most of the next two months. We got our stickers so when we went for water at La Posa South we would not be stopped. Here is Bob filling the RV with water, of course, we overflowed the fresh water tank so it leaked out for most of the drive to get our propane.

We filled with propane today for the first time since leaving Fredericksburg in early March. Put in 26 gallons at The Pit Stop, even got the red carpet treatment.

We filled with diesel yesterday, $2.47 per gallon, the posted price was 2 cents more than we paid??
Bob outdid himself this morning, he fixed a champaign brunch, huckleberry pancakes, canadian bacon omlet, strawberries and grapes with cheese and chocolate morsels. The best part we ate it outside, beautiful weather and NOT windy for our first full day in Q. Yes I am in shorts!!

We had a very relaxing day, the temps did get up to the lower 80's, but not bad.

Notice our new aluminum table, Walmart purchase, it works well and seems very sturdy.

Heard today I am a great great aunt, my great niece had a baby boy today. Best wishes to this new life.

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