Sunday, November 30, 2008

Defrosting, Shopping, Cactus Nov 28-30, 2008

Every so often our ice maker freezes up and makes this low groaning noise. That means it needs to be defrosted. We find it happens when we have not used the ice maker for some time, then turn it on, that is what happened this time. So we empty the contents into the sink, cover up the frozen food with a towel, get out the hair dryer, start the generator, and in about 15 minutes it is defrosted, food has been returned and the ice maker turned on and best of all it is not making that groaning noise.

About once a year, we do an inventory of the under the coach bays. That means everything comes out and each box is gone through. The question is asked, keep it or give it away. Then a list is made of each box's contents and this year, for the first time, I made a diagram of where Bob put every box back in the bay. Near the end, he kept rearranging them and moving them to get them all to fit, I thought my eraser was going to wear down, but I got it. I then came into the coach and typed up the list so NOW we know what we have and where it is also.

We went shopping on Friday morning to see if we could find any Black Friday specials, we did quite abit of looking...but did not buy much--small cutting board.
We did see the famous cactus that is in Prospectors Panorama, they have paved so close to its base, I am afraid it might not make it. You can see on the ground on the right of the cactus one of its arms.

We both love to look and look at the kitchen stuff that have at the Rada knife tent. I think Bob is giving me a hint for Christmas.

Our our way back from shopping, Bob stopped so I could get a photo of him and our distant camp spot, and the beautiful mountains in the background. There is no one parked close to us, yet.

Saturday: On our walk this morning, it warmed up, see my vest tied around my waist and also my sleeves pulled up. Where we are parked here at Quartzsite, you don't see many of these saguaro cactus, this one actually looked pretty healthy.

During our campfire tonight, I brought out the old Master Mind game I had brought from home. As you can see here, Bob was solving the game on this move, it had been a struggle. All in all we had fun, actually got him to stop reading his book!
Today's weather was just wonderful, warm with a slight breeze. We had a fire, just to look at and burn some of the wood Bob brought, the entire Explorer full.

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