Monday, August 22, 2011

Several days of sightseeing, Ishpeming, MI–Aug 19-22, 2011

Today we were off to the Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum and for a tour of the 1200 ft tunnel.


Here Bob is being shown what is above us.  This tunnel takes the miners from the Dry Room (Changing area) to the cages when they descended into the mine shafts.


The brass tag area.  Each miner was given a small numbered  brass tag before going down the shaft.  At the end of each shift, each marker needed to be accounted for.



These are the baskets the miners used to leave their dirty water soaked mining clothes at night.  This changing room or Dry Room was heated so at least the miners had dry clothes to start out their shift.





This 170-ton iron ore truck’s tires are 12 feet high.  This truck was huge!!


This is one BIG bucket, wonder how many of these it takes to fill that 170-ton truck?


This display shows the progress of miners’ lights.  Can you believe the early miners just had a candle?


This is “Jilly” the mascot for the Jilbert Dairy. 


Yes, these Moose Tracks sundaes from the Jilbert’s Dairy Store were as good as they look, we also bought some cheese curds.


Marquette History Regional Museum

Notice that several of the hunters are sporting skirts!


An Iron Lung from the 1950’s.





Paul and Marti Dahl said...

I've never seen an iron lung before. Sure looks like it is made of wood, wonder where the name came from?

Those miner lights sure are interesting, wonder how hard it was to keep the candle burning while working.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

When I see how those miners had to work, I am always glad I did not have to do that kind of work.

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