Friday, August 19, 2011

Blueberry Jam and Marquette, Ishpeming, MI–Aug 17-18, 2011


Another short drive today, just a hour back to Ishpeming’s Country Village RV Park, glad to take advantage of their Passport America rate too.  Before we hooked up our electric, Bob was to check to see if we had any loose wires in the electrical panel inside the coach.   While running our heat pump in the mornings recently, it had tripped the circuit breaker.  Bob could not find any problems, everything was tight and secure. (I am writing this on the 19th and we have been running the heat pump this morning as all is okay, not sure what the problem was, but I am happy all is working fine.  Last time the Front AC/Heat pump unit tripped the breaker-over and over, it’s compressor was shot and had to be replaced.)

Shortly after we arrived in Ishpeming, I headed off to the local Farmers Fruit Stand and bought two quarts of wild blueberries ($5/qt).  For the first time ever, I was going to make some blueberry jam.


And we both can attest, the jam is delicious! 



Thursday we were off to visit Marquette again, this was taken from an overlook in Presque Isle Park.


Signs in this area cautioned visitors to be aware of standing on overhangs.  For once, Bob was being careful!


Another area where we investigated the smoothed  lakeshore rocks.  This area is just beautiful!


This is the abandoned ore dock in the lower harbor, with the longer ore boats, it was just too short.


See Bob’s newest present.  A water filter stand,  I had ordered it last week from a nearby RV Supply Dealer.  It came in today.  Works great.  All purchases we make always comes with the  question, “Where will it go when we move?”  I’m thinking since it was for him, he will have to come up with that solution.



Jim and Sandie said...

I figure anything that goes under the RV, Jim has to figure out how to fit it all in. I try to take care of the inside and that's about all I can handle. Your blueberry jam looks so wonderful. I love blueberries.

Kathy said...

Blueberry jam looks yummy!
How do you like your Ninja Blender?!
I wondered if they are like the infomercial! :)

Bob looks like he is standing at the sea and not one of the Great Lakes!
Such a beautiful area!

Thanks for sharing!

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