Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Sightseeing in Munising, Aug 2, 2011

We attempted to visit the Alger County Heritage Center, the signs indicated it should have been open, but was not.   We’ll call tomorrow and see when they are open.

002Then we stopped at the nearby Munising Falls, short walk and a skinny tall falls.

But what I did find was some more information about the charcoal kilns.  The photo below shows how the wood was loaded into the kiln.  Somehow in my mind I thought the wood would have been put into flat, not on end.


Also more info about making pigs.  Below is a recipe for Pig Iron.



This is what I would call a piglet, smaller in size than other “pigs” I have seen.



Next we stopped at the U.S. Coast Guard boat house.  Below you can see the rails the 36’ life saving boat would have used heading out on training or a rescue.


Their 36’ was beautifully restored.



To see Miner’s Falls, you need to walk 1.2 miles round-trip and climb down and then up about 80 steps.  Worth it, well don’t ask.  We did enjoy the walk through the pristine forest.





This is Miners Castle, one of the formations you see when on the Picture Rocks cruise.  This time we were looking down on it. 


Then we walked over to the observation deck behind the Castle.


Before shopping at the local grocery store, I spied a Farmers Market sign, a nice selection of veggies, meats-this time grass fed ground round, eggs, and crafts.  I was also able to find a home for all the used egg cartons I had been saving since we have been buying free range brown eggs back in Athens, Ohio. 












Our farmer’s market finds and a unique tree we saw along our path today.


Happytrails said...

Just got caught up with you guys! We've been so busy with all the medical "stuff" lately I've slacked off. Glad you all are having fun and enjoying! I always enjoy reading your blog....I learn so much!!
Take care!


piglet? different from the image of a pig in my mind, black and skinny.
You must a wonderful trip there, these pics you show are wonderful. Have a nice day!

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