Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ren Faire, Ishpeming, MI Aug 6, 2011

Ishpeming was where we were having our General Delivery mail sent to, so on Friday after getting set up at Country Village RV Park, a Passport America Park-unlimited days-nice, off the the post office we went.  No problem getting our package, while we were there Bob saw on the bulletin board an advertisement about the upcoming (tomorrow) Ren Faire, so we decided,  let’s go.

Our first special show was presented by the Vikings, a reenactment group from the time period from 800-1200 AD.


We were shown and given a blow by blow description of the weapon, how it was used, and told about what type damage it could bring.

Then a row of shields was needed to describe some fighting tactics. 


Check out the third from the right shield holder, yes it is Sir Bobbert!


At times the action was a little up close and personal.


Decked out in chain mail, there were several  hand to hand combat scenarios using different weapons, all padded, but still could bruise if the blow landed in the wrong unprotected area.


Afterwards we talked to these folks for quite some time.  I even got in on the action.  Here I am with authentic armored  gloves and a hand-and-a-half sword.


The next show was by a Samurai warrior.  The finale was to slice this rice straw mat,  which had been rolled up, and soaked in water to swell up.  This roll was placed on a wooden spike and  he, in real life is a Samurai instructor, his wife is too, sliced right through that roll.


We did our best with eating some of the faire food.  Delicious pulled pork sandwich, giant peanut butter cookie, and an elephant ear.











Right across the street was the local Gem and Mineral Show.  I ended up with a polished exposed copper necklace.  Bought the polished rock for $5 and then at another booth a lady would wire wrap it for $5, what a deal.


The lady even helped me add the coiled top decorations.


Making those tiny coils.


The finished necklace!


Loved this rock, actually it is a very high grade of iron ore, jasper with spiracle hematite.



Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Looks like a fun day!

Chinatours said...

Interesting game, i am wondering how heavy is the sword and the shield?

Travelwithwhippets said...

What fun! Love the pendant, too, and I'm VERY envious about the elephant ear....

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

I think Bob will be thinking twice before he makes any more funny comments about you (in your other blog) after he saw how well you handled that sword. You could cut his "wit" down to size! ;c)

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