Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Iron Mountain, Aug 15, 2011–Part 4

After leaving the mine, we stopped at a nearby alpaca farm. Aren’t these faces … well interesting! IMG_1179_thumb3_thumb_thumb


Norway Spring just along the highway at a road side stop. Folks were here filling up their water jugs. Must have been good water.


“In 1878 a sawmill was erected here as the first industry in the Norway - Vulcan area. John O'Callaghan was owner of this mill which supplied early mining number needs until 1902. This spring was caused by a 1094 foot hole which was drilled in 1903 by the Oliver Mining Company in search of iron ore. The hole cuts several steeply dipping porous strata that trap water at the higher elevations to the north. The difference in elevation causes pressure: this pressure is released by the drilled hole demonstrating the principle of the artesian well. On the slope to the north are the obscure workings of the Few and Munro mines, operated in 1903-1922, now owned by the Ford Motor Company.” Source, see link.


No, this is not us, but someone parked at the Iron Mountain Iron Mine had some issues. Perhaps a tire blow out?


Jim and Sandie said...

Not just interesting - but really cute. At least their Mama thinks so. Definitely a mess with that motorhome. Maybe took a corner too close?

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I would say they are faces only a mother could love:) That motorhome might have been sideswiped. We met a Motorhome couple that had similar damage in NY who had been sideswiped by a semi trailer truck.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

The first alpaca picture face reminds me of a girl that used to chase me in my wild and mis-spent youth. Thank heavens she never caught me! ;c)

Kathy said...

I LOVE the Alpaca faces! They have wonderful fur that is spun into very soft yarn! I got some last year in Maine!
Dynamite Heater?! I bet those guys couldn't get life insurance!! :)
Front end tire blow out on a motor home sends terror up my spine! Thank goodness it wasn't yours!
I bet you and Bob could teach your guide a few tricks on being a guide!!LOL

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