Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mollie, Sheets, Bounce, Sunset Cruise -Feb 2, 2010


Since we are parked next to John and Judy, Miss Mollie spends quite a bit of time watching us, you know we are part of her pack as well.

A few days ago I had the bright idea of hanging my sheets out to dry using a clothesline strung between our two rigs.  Worked beautifully.

048 047

Here we are finishing off the bottle of Cherry Bounce John and Judy made last summer-they even handpicked the cherries.  Let me tell you it was delicious!!  But the real zinger is to eat the cherries used to make the Bounce, very potent!

Last night we had been asked by our friend Earl if we wanted to join he and his wife Lynda and some others on a Sunset Cruise which included  margaritas & dinner for $10 each.  Of course we said YES. 

Just as we walked on the boat we were offered margaritas and the glasses were never empty long before being refilled.

020 024 I  loved all the birds on top of  the nearby boats.  I bet there is a pecking order as to who gets what mast.

021 Dinner was served, fried fish, rice and cole slaw with crackers.  Oh did I forget more margaritas…even the photographer was seeing a little blurry.

066 A beautiful end to a perfect day.


Oh, by the way, here was another sunset from a few days ago.

006 In this special moment in life…Smile Often

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