Friday, February 26, 2010

Preparations to leave Mexico, Feb 22-23, 2010


Here is a view from the restaurant at Playa Bonita Resort, right next to the RV Park.





Here is our coach getting washed and later waxed by the folks at Playa Bonita. ($1.50/ft)

008This year we added polishing our wheel rims ($10 each)


Here is the finished product, I have never seen the wheels so shiny, and all hand done!028 







When John and Judy pulled out, it made our route out to the right very easy, they had some maneuvering to to.  But with John’s trusty assistant Judy, they made it past the RV next door.

030 Here we are on the road out of Playa Bonita, we had just finished checking out our lights.

IMG_1861-2 After driving about an hour and half we arrived at the border crossing at Lukeville, the line went pretty fast, only about 10 minutes.


John and Judy took lane 2, while we opted for lane 1, it was about a foot wider.  Our memory of Lane 2 last year was not pleasant, we made it but by inches. 


063We were being questioned at the same time by the Immigration and Customs Guards. 

Below is a photo Judy snapped as they left, don’t think you can see, but Bob is smiling, trying to do everything he can to get us back in the US, it worked as he waved us on.  (They just wanted to know if we had any pork, chicken, or fruit – of course, NO, we don’t and we didn’t).

IMG_1867-5 Since we were only going another 5 miles to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument for a few days, it was time to say good-bye to our traveling companions.  Safe Travels Juan and Joodie!!

Here we are at our spot at Organ Pipe.


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