Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Taking it easy in Mexico, Feb 17, 2010

It has been awhile since I posted, I am getting lazy.  I’ll post some photos and commentary to catch up.

002This is a view from the Lighthouse Restaurant across the bay from Playa Bonita RV Park.  See the tall building in the middle along the beach, our RVs are parked just to the right of that high rise near that small triangle shape.


We did have a storm for part of a day, then came the rainbow.




and then a few nights later… this spectacular sunset.


Have also had some time to do some beading, Judy showed me how to do this ‘Right Angle Weave with Picot Edge Bracelet’.


Our friends from the RV America Group from Q, Earl and Lynda are here also, so one afternoon we joined them at their site to watch the waves come and go.

021 One day we all went, John and Judy, Lynda and Earl and us for a visit at a Tequila Factory.  They were quick to mention they do not make it here, but would show us a video and explain the process. 


We all enjoyed a very generous Tequila tasting, some straight shooters and some mixed with orange and lime  or beer and some with peach juice.  Yummm.  As you can see above, we did buy a bottle.


Then it was on to the finer things in life…homemade four tortillas.  About $1.50 (20 pesos) per dozen for them directly off the griddle, so hot you can’t hold the bag in your lap for the drive back to the RV park.


Adios Amigos

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Kathy said...

Hi Linda, Grant ONLY just told me about your blog! I love 'right angle weave" beading! He said you did some ear rings that look like the ones I made on the SAME DAY!!! LOL But he can't remember where he saw it! He's a big help!
Gorgeous scenery and those are amazing jumbo shrimp down there! Enjoy a few for me, please!
Happy Trails,

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