Saturday, February 27, 2010

Organ Pipe Cactus Nat’l Monument, Feb 23-27, 2010

We just love all the saguaro cactus, each one has a unique personality.  Mysterious holes, many arms, and baby ones.



Bob spotted these tiny flowers, can you see them?

010  Below is an ocotillo in bloom.  Usually they are just bare thorny stalks, but after rains they often leaf out and bloom.  This one has one bloom open.002

Here Bob is standing in front of a huge organ pipe cactus.



In the foreground this skeleton of an organ pipe cactus is overlooking the valley.

We had planned on staying one more night here, but left this morning as there was a storm forecast with rain and high winds.  I like to have hookups during storms and the sites at the National Monument only have concrete pads-no hookups.   Now it is 4 pm and we are in Gila Bend with the sun shining.  Guess the storm was delayed.

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