Friday, January 22, 2010

Transmitter, Storms, & A Tire, January 22, 2010

I have been lazy recently, letting you read Bob’s blog, but I think I will post a few comments and photos.

We have been having some problems with our Motosat’s transmitter.  It would take up to an hour to connect, should only take a few minutes.  Back in November, we called our installer, Bill Adams, and he diagnosed our problem as a failing transmitter.  So we ordered one for us to replace, but when we went to install it, we had been shipped the wrong one!  So while we were in Q we had Bill and his wife Janet check it out and they did replace the transformer.

004 We left Q a day earlier than planned as there was a monster storm predicted and we did not want to get caught in the desert with the only road out washed out.  As you can see by the puddles, they  already have had some rain.

008Our drive to Gila Bend was uneventful, beautiful puffy clouds.

010  Could not resist this photo of Bob.  He had a few twigs doing their own thing!


Here is a shot on sunrise, yes sunrise, on Thursday, a beginning of a stormy blustery day.  019 Thursday evening we had a great time celebrating Judy’s birthday while we were being pounded by 55 mph gusts and a driving rain storm. 022

Friday morning we drove about 40 miles to Ajo, just got parked in Ajo Heights RV Park when Bob heard a hissing noise when he walked by the front passenger tire on the coach…yes it is what you think it is, not just a nail, but a bolt!!  After calling Coach Net, our emergency road service provider, we found out we will be back on the road tomorrow by noon.  They found a tire for us in Phoenix (110 miles away) and the mobile mechanic will be here at 9 am tomorrow morning to replace the tire.  Don’t ask how much!!  Coach Net pays for the service call $300, but we pay everything else.  But now we can continue with our plans to drive to Puerto Penasco tomorrow.


In this special moment in life…DISCARAD WORRY

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