Friday, January 8, 2010

Celebration, Jan 5-8, 2010


Usually it only takes a couple of days for the hummers to come when I put out the hummingbird feeder, but this time it took about five days. We only have a couple of hummers coming but that is OK.   When I look around, nothing is blooming, so it also makes me wonder why they are even in the area, perhaps for all the hummingbird feeders attached to the RV’s that are in the area.

A couple of days ago we celebrated my birthday – our friends John and Judy fixed a wonderful meal-pesto chicken, cole slaw, and creamy cucumbers (my favorite) and then topped it all off with the most decadent chocolate cake with gnosh frosting I have ever eaten.  The cake was even topped with Happy Birthday candles, thank heavens there was not a candle for each year, I would still be blowing them out.  Would you believe we all ate the whole cake making lots of yummm sounds!  Thanks Judy and John for a fantastic birthday.


After being here in the desert for a week, it was time to replenish our produce, so off the Yuma we go-about 25 miles.054All along the roadside were fields upon fields of produce, this field contained head lettuce.  053 Below is a closer up view of one of the heads.  This looked to me like real life Farmville.








Also saw this tiny church right next to this lettuce field.  It even had six short pews and an alter.

044  Most evenings we are treated to another one of God’s artistic displays.

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