Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shopping for Goodies, January 25, 2010

109After a hard drive from Ajo to Puerto Penasco last Saturday, we walked down to the restaurant and enjoyed a great meal, which included flan for all and Mexican coffee for Judy and Bob.






Monday we set out for a shopping day, but first we headed to the ATM to get some pesos.  The exchange rate is about 13.00 pesos to one US dollar.124

Then it was off to the old town area just to see what has changed, not much, just fewer tourists.

126 We then stopped at the little produce market we found last year and stocked up.  Here is what we bought for about $6.25 (81 pesos).


Then it was to the larger supermarket in town called Super Ley (owned by Safeway).  The guys had a blast picking out some pastries for us.












Also found freshly make hot corn tortillas, they store them in coolers to keep them hot.

Before heading home we found the stand near the Super Ley that makes up flour tortillas.  They are so good!! and HOT!!

127  Both of us, have not had any hummingbirds come to our bird feeders, but we have had bees, yesterday the bees found ours, the day before John and Judy’s.  They drained the sugar water in the matter of about 30 minutes.  I am trying to see where I can hang it on a window so the feeder is not tipped, perhaps that is the issue.


In this special moment in life…Take time for people.

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