Thursday, November 19, 2009

Three Rivers Petroglyphs + Ham’s Grave, Nov. 19, 2009

We moved the RV to Tularosa near Alamogordo.  It is one of those off the beaten track parks, a Passport America park has some permanents and some transient, but the price is right, $15.84/night.  Our time here so far has basically been some R and R, right around freezing at night and in the mid to upper 60’s during the day…and the sun is shining!

Since we passed the turn off to Three Rivers Petroglyphs Site on our way here, we knew where our first field trip was going to be…at least I did.  This one mile or so strenuous trail reveals over 21,000 petroglyphs.355 This petroglyph below is the most photographed at this site.  The body of a bighorn sheep pierced by three arrows.

377 Here is Bob showing the size of this glyph.


Just about anywhere you looked, you saw them…so very cool!

241 Today we ventured into Alamogordo to the International Space Hall of Fame.  What a neat museum!!


They had several static displays outside, here is one of them, it was called Sonic Wind No 1.  On December 10, 1954, Dr John Paul Stapp rode this rocket sled to a speed of 632 miles per hour—now that was fast.  This speed test was done to measure human response to sudden deceleration.

Another display was the Whisper Dish.   This was so cool, there was another dish about 75 feet away, so when you speak into the metal circle in the center,  Bob who was at the other dish could hear me just like he was next to me.  We tried whispering and it was amazing, I could hear every sound.301. 441 

Bob took this photo showing how far away I am.




Bob was so excited, he found the grave of  “Ham”, the World’s First Astrochimp.  On Jan 31, 1961, he was the first creature in outer space, he traveled 155 miles for 16.5 minutes.

454 The reason he is buried here is because his trainer is a volunteer at this facility.


Here is replica of the original sputnik.  I remember my Dad showing me a moving spot in the sky, it was Sputnik.  It only orbited for 92 days.  Hard to believe it was so small and I could see it from earth.

468 We had a great day.

320 Before I end, I do want to give my best to Megan, she just called and the doctor says she has the H1N1 swine flu and walking pneumonia—she needs our prayers!

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